Thursday, 11 February 2016

My favourite Love Story!

First things first…. A declaration! It is not my love story coz my prince charming is yet to find me and sweep me off my feet: P

Second thing second…. I am a hopeless romantic who takes much interest in love stories. I might have read and heard forties of them but my personal all-time favourite is of my maternal grand-parents (naana ji and naani ji).
Their saga of love commenced with the arrange marriage of her sister and his brother. Somewhere between him picking bhabhi from her maayka to her spending Sundays at her sister’s sasural, they fell in love and got married!

My fondest memory with them is of the times when I used to spend ten days every summer at their house. It was the time when it became one crazy place with nine kids chatting and playing all the time. 
                                                                                      Chopad and cowries

“Chopad”, my naana’s favourite game was allotted five hours of every day.
My naana ji has always been a loyal gentleman but he never ever played fair at Chopad.  At every chance, he used to arrange the cowries and we used to catch him red-handed. Then he would give an affectionate smile to Naani Ji, she would grin and somehow convince us that he didn’t cheat. So was their love!

Every Holi, naana ji used to put gulaal on naani ji’s cheeks while she was asleep. Every year, she knew that she would wake up with colour on her face, yet she would always laugh and ask him with love “Aap kab bade honge?” and he would always reply “Kabhi bhi nahi”…. So was their love!

Whenever they sat together, they always pulled each other’s leg. He used to tell me “Teri maa bilkul dramebaaz hai….apni maa pe gayi hai” and my naani would say “Koi baat nahi Shruti…tere naana ko drama bahut pasand hai ;)” So was their love!

One Sunday, I accompanied them to a Jain temple “Padampura” near Jaipur. When she faced difficulty in climbing the stairs, he joked with her “Sushila….abb tum boodi ho gayi ho… Walking stick use kiya karo” to which she giggled “meri stick toh aap hee ho, par kya kare… aap toh khud hee boode ho gaye ho : D” So was their love!

I can recite hundred stories where I have fallen in love with their love! Teasing each other, laughing with each other and laughing at each other…..Being for each other and unconditionally loving each other for sixty five years… So was their love!

                               The most beautiful couple with grand-children and great grand-children

I miss you naani… Rest in peace!

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