Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Thank You letter isn't enough, we need a book!

Dear Zindagi,

I often complain about you, but today as I sit to write about you, I find myself to be so unreasonable. You have been beautiful and so much more! For so many years, you have come so smooth that at times I have pinched myself and wondered…. “Dude, are you for realJ!!” Alright, I shouldn’t praise you much but just to let you know,
I love you Zindagi for bringing with you a friend like mother who is always up for anything. I don’t think that you could have done any better than our mother-daughter vacations, random shopping trips to the mall, crazy cooking sessions in the kitchen, and her simple solutions to all my gigantic problems. I adore you for giving me an absolute gentleman of a father who has provided for me, always pampered and encouraged me but never pushed me to the extremes. I thank you for giving me the best of both worlds of being younger to a sweetheart sister and elder to a super adorable brother, the three musketeers!!
You wide opened for me the doors to experience your dimensions at a time when I was content and comfortable in your protective version. When the innate literally homesick me was scared to go out there, you, my darling pushed me ahead making up for the pettiest or mightiest of setbacks. When I couldn’t get into a premier b-school due to a sheer lack of document despite the perfect score, you got me through another great management school where I made innumerable memories for life. Should I be thanking you here?? No…because no gratitude would be enough for the experience of those two years at campus.
The beautiful campus
You kept on bestowing good luck on me and I kept working more and harder than before. Whenever I doubted myself, you turned events and we happened to do each other proud. I will never ever forget that feeling of accomplishment of “First person to get placed at the campus”.  

When most of the people just can’t have the liberty to study or work according to their interest, you held hands with my parents and stood by our side as I set out to break the convention of ‘girls of our family needn’t work’. I must acknowledge that you on a personal level were so generous but the professional you was no less kind either. Learning and improving every day, meeting with big CEOs and visiting life size factories was indeed an exposure I will always cherish.

Sharing the table with the MD, Mr. Praveen Kadle
I confess that parting ways on the professional front by leaving the good pay-good profile corporate job with the prestigious Tata Group was daunting but with you by my side, taking the entrepreneurial plunge didn’t seem scary. Yeah, it is not easy right now and might not get easier anytime soon, but I believe we will do well there too!

You and I will soon be completing thirty milestone years and we have had our share of laughs and tears. When I first moved out leaving behind all luxuries at home, bruising my elbow and breaking a sandal in the Mumbai local, getting drenched in rain and even letting boss take my work credit were my biggest problems with you. Then you got to a phase when I was entirely by myself, be it shifting homes, eating and staying alone in hotels or guesthouses on work trips to even once watching a movie alone in a cinema hall. You are aware of the times from when I cried myself to sleep after consecutive failures to the times, the heartbroken I, pulled off smiling faces at friend’s weddings and baby showers.

Honestly it didn’t come easy but today I smile for those handful tears which have only made me stronger and taught me the lesson that things will come and go, some people will choose to leave but we will go on! I have lived you day by day and I have loved you for most of the days. I believe in ONE LIFE and have been fortunate enough for the opportunities and resources to live each day as our last.

Every day with you is like a different movie, sometimes it is a fairy tale where I get to travel all over the world, sometimes a melodrama with hopefully a happy ending and sometimes even a light action lest you will get boring!

Dear Zindagi, I thank you for what you have bestowed upon me. I thank you for who I am and what I have. I thank you for everything we will together be! When we part ways, we should have a farewell party to celebrate our amazing journey. Believe me, this letter isn’t enough… someday we will have our own book! Till then, keep surprising me!!

In absolute awe,

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