Monday, 8 February 2016

I looked dazzling, but then it happened!

Jaipur, 28th January, 2006
Engagement of my BFF Pooja’s sister

We (I and my other girlfriends) were pretty excited as it would be our first saree experienceJ 
We wanted to look ravishing and steal the limelight of the bride (Yea… we were mean ;) We had prepared ourselves well by reading lot of Vogue and Femina and watching shows on Style Check. 

We had roamed around the city for one full month to find the perfect girlish sarees and gone through numerous fitting sessions with the tailor a.k.a masterji (no boutiques back then!) to get the perfect sexy yet decent blouses. 

We exactly knew how we wanted our hair-do, how should our make-up be done and in what styles should our sarees be draped at The Big Day. We were the self-acclaimed Fashion Divas.

We had everything sorted out. We all stayed at one friend’s house so that we could go together to the beauty parlour and then directly to the engagement party and later get a drop back home by Pooja’s chacha ji.

We timely reached the venue looking beautiful and feeling gorgeous. We walked our way inside and saw an empty stage as the to-be-weds hadn’t arrived. Our only familiar face of Pooja was nowhere to be seen amidst the thousands of guests.

We decided to take a round of the garden to look for her and also show off our perfect looks! I for one was too happy with my net saree and the designer blouse (that’s how I liked to call it ;), the neat hair up-do and my new golden high heels.

As I walked with my head held high, I accidentally stepped on my saree and suddenly the tucked in pleats came off. I was shocked and embarrassed but my dear friends quickly circled me as I hastily tucked the pleats back. Okay! Even though my saree wasn’t perfect anymore, my new stilettos bit my toes and their heels sank in the garden with every step, I tried to display the confidence of a fashion maestro (not that, I felt that anymore!). It was just then my chic blouse decided to mock at me with the cleavage show off behind the net pallu and the misbehaving zipper at the back. I was irritated and then when I looked at my friends for some consolation, I realised that all of our make-up was way too loud for a ring ceremony in the Marwari community. The Clothes… Sandals…. Make up… Nothing fit right…! And there we were (particularly me) a classic example of misfits.

We took seats in the front row with our plates full of veg Kababs, spring rolls and chilli paneer as the ring ceremony was announced. Confetti blasters were popped, gifts were exchanged and solitaires sparkled on the ring fingers but our friend was nowhere to be seen. (I so wished we were allowed cell phones that time!) 
So after the ceremony, I asked aunty (one can easily make out bride’s mom right!) about Pooja. She looked puzzled and questioned me “Who Pooja??”

Our faces turned blank….. Was she kidding us? NO!!!!!….. We were at a wrong party!
Oh! We were so embarrassed.

Next day, we got our butts kicked by Pooja and got mocked by everyone else (crazy stories travel fast: D) for missing the function in the adjacent lawn!

It has been ten years now and we still can’t stop laughing reminiscing the good old embarrassing times: P   

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Keep Smiling!! 
Shruti Jain

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