Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bye Bye 2016!! And Hello there....2017!!

Yet again it is that time of the year when another one has gone! It is the time to say bye to mediocrity and look forward to another kick-ass year.

Like everyone else, New Year’s Eve is special for me too and thus I happen to clearly remember everything about “when the clock strikes 12” for at least the last ten years; be it camping near the bonfire, house partying, clubbing, or sitting in the blanket, munching moongfalis, playing cards or just watching TV with family.

Make-up pic after missing the event
I thought 2016 would be different than the previous years and yes, it was….From having to miss out on my childhood dream to watch WWE Live and a terrible heartbreak in the same weekend drove pretty much my entire January. So I guess we didn’t really hit off on a good note but now as the year has passed; I don’t have much to complain but only cherish all the memories I made.

2016 will definitely be remembered! So much has happened this year… Be it the start to my entrepreneurial venture, gaining eligibility to be a French teacher or just having the best birthday ever. 

One of my dear friends often says “Umeed se Dugna”, and I guess, 2016 has been so! This year I have followed my passion of writing more, have eaten more; exercised more and mostly lived and loved life a little more.

I have learnt quite some lessons, the most important being that I needed to stop being so hard on myself. Believe me, it is only when I stopped looking for a companion to fulfil my wish-list with, I happened to whole-heartedly pursue my wants, be it dancing my heart out at dance classes, going to cookery workshops, attending literature festival, participating in the theatre festival, running a marathon, or whatever I wanted to…

Dubaiiiiiiiii !!
Oh! 2016…..How I wish I could relive that trip to Dubai and have that vacation to Europe all over again; but then I would remember 2016 only for the good reasons…Now that’s not possible, is it? Hmmm… like all others I had my share of sorrow; be it failures, heartbreaks, or even losing it emotionally once in a while. But let’s focus on the goodies here; after all it is New Year’s Eve!!!! J

When I was a kid, I thought that what I did on 1st January is going to happen for the rest of the year. I used to get up early, make my bed, go to the temple and study for at least three hours. As I have grown up, my belief has obviously changed. I now see New Year as another chance and more opportunities.  As at 11:30pm- 31st December 2016, I feel a little low because of fever, but I am definitely excited to welcome 1st January 2017 with a wide smile, open arms and high hopes for all I know is that it will be a great beginning.

2016.....Full of surprises
2017.... Spare me from the shocks!!

WOW: "2016 Throwback"
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Happy New Year!!

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