Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Shilpa's 30th Bday party - Ssshh.... It was a surprise !!!!

Me and my sister Shilpa, share the love for surprises. So recently, I threw a surprise party for her 30th birthday at 25th Dec,14. Here’s what happened!

24th Dec,10.30 pm - Her husband calls and informs that due to bad weather conditions, his flight has been diverted and thus he cannot make it to Jaipur for her b'day.
She curses the weather and becomes very upset.

25th Dec, 12 am – Her mobile is flooded with the message from all her friends and relatives–

Her reaction – “So many people are sending the same message.... What’s happening?”
She is happy and confused.... She has no idea what’s going on!

12:05 am – midnight celebrations at her mayka -

4pm -
Welcomed at sasural by the in-laws...

The box says “Surprise Inside”. She opens this box and finds her first clue.... clue to what? A treasure hunt!
She can’t believe it’s actually happening!

4:15pm – She starts the treasure hunt. The clues are everywhere – under the table, in the fridge, below the pillow!

5.15 pm- She reaches to the 30th clue –
Don’t give up!
You’re almost done!
Find your gift under the Christmas tree
And start un-wrapping the fun!

And what does she find at the decorated Christmas tree? Her 30 gifts and her entire family shouting “SURPRISE”

Is she happy? Yeah, she is delighted!!

5.30 pm – She opens some of the gifts....

She loves them!!

6:30 pm – The photo session
Angels wish Mumma a very happy bday and Merry Christmas !

Dress Code – Red!!

Yummy Food :)

The gentlemen posing between the Modi discussions...

Jiju (The love of the b'day girl's life) just makes in time for the family photo of Hum do humare do ;)

Peehar paksh :D

Super happy planner (that's me :P) after the party–

Comments of the Birthday girl Shilpa -  “I had no idea turning 30 can be so much fun. It is the best birthday I have ever had. I can’t thank everybody enough for making it so special. I feel like a queen”.

PS –
Thanks Mom, Neena Aunty, Sunakshi and Saloni :)
I hope you all liked the pictures and might want to use some of these ideas for your loved ones.
Comments appreciated :)



  1. Great job Ms. Party-Planner.. on the nice write-up as well ;)

    1. Thanks Mr.Damani.. means a lot coming from the super talented singer, writer, composer and much more :)